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Population Studies

To understand the mechanisms of human growth and reproduction, we utilize the existing vast database information from 4 cohort studies established by the Department of Growth and Reproduction. The cohorts are both longitudinal and cross-sectional. EDMaRC’s activities secure continued follow up of these cohorts.

Examinations of Participants
Examinations of newborns include weight, length, skinfold thickness measurements, and for boys also an assessment of the testicular position and possible hypospadias.

Examinations of children and adolescents include height, weight, waist and hip circumference, skinfold thickness measurement, blood pressure, pubertal evaluation, and for some, a DXA scan, MRI scan and ultrasound scan of the gonads.
Examinations of men include height, weight, evaluation of masculinization and the external genitalia. Some were also examined for gynecomastia and had an ultrasound of the testes.

We collect urine samples from all participants, semen samples from men and breast milk from breastfeeding mothers. The blood samples are analyzed for hormones, growth factors and genetic variations. Urine and milk samples are tested for various chemicals. Semen samples are used to assess sperm quality.
The information given in the questionnaires are used to evaluate the sociological and lifestyle factors and current and former growth, development and health condition.

Ethical aspects
Ethical approvals have been obtained for all four studies. The studies have been approved by the Capital Region of Denmark (Region H), the Danish Data Protection Agency and are in accordance with the Helsinki II declaration. All children involved and their parents have given repetitive informed consent to participate in the study.

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